First Ideas

Once given the news we are to make a short film and shortly after being split into groups of three, Tabitha, Joel and I had chance to come up with ideas for our project.

Although everyone was given the word, ‘wheel barrow’, for inspiration I decided to not focus on this and pay my attention to what we can do. I’d like to very much shoot at a local garage once again and really make the most of the scenery. Also, Joel’s family owns a church and his father is a priest and I think it’ll be a good idea to take advantage of this. Perhaps shooting something like the Church scene in This Is England ’88 might be interesting.

I also want to use a range of different camera techniques. This includes movement such as tilting, dolly shots and focusing. Differentiating the focus of the lens whilst shooting is something I haven’t really done before but looks great, in my opinion. Below you’ll see one of the smooth camera movements I want to use in the film.


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