Location in film is vital. You can have a fantastic script, a flawless cast, great music and more but if you’re shooting a World War One drama, for example, in a place that doesn’t fit or isn’t convincing these things will be seriously undermined. The idea of using a church came around when a member of my group, Joel, revealed he had excess to such a building.

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Although Joel’s church was great, due to where those involved lived, we decided to try St. Mary’s Church in Horncastle. Using their website I got the right contact information to ask them if they were interested.LOCATION 1Although they seemed happy to help Rev. Jon Wright was concerned about the story/plotline, which I understood. I replied with this email below.

LOCATION 2I was worried however, he agreed to help!




  1. Good work Matt. As you’ve found, most people are happy to help if you are polite and clear about what it is you want to do. Your point about the importance of location is well made and too often students find a great location but just shrug and go ‘yeah but we’d never be allowed to film there’ when in reality if they took the approach that you have they would be. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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