A great way of how to make something that looks professional and to have that ‘film look’ is to shoot in the right aspect ratio. The editing software, Adobe Premier Pro, allows you to add letterboxes to your footage to get this widescreen look.

letter box screen shotThe simply thing to do would be to film the scene, add the bars during editing and hope for the best. However, since a lot of the footage is being hidden it may ruin a shot. For example, an actor’s head may be cut off. Sometimes this can be fixed by playing with the motion of the clip but I wanted to feel confident when shooting that this wasn’t going to happen. And so I installed Magic Lantern onto my camera, a download for Canon cameras that increases its functionality.

ML-Logo-2-Joseph-03And so with this installed, I’ll have excess to a lot more specific options including crop-marks which will make my film look much better, in my opinion.


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