Our coursework begins with making an important decision concerning the production we are to put together. We all have to choose between making a film trailer or a short film and it’s definitely a hard decision to make considering they both have significant advantages and disadvantages.

A film trailer would be great since they are traditionally much shorter than our short film, which is expected to be around five minutes long. This would cut done time and also allow my co-workers and I to have a much stronger focus on the material in the trailer since it is a shorter piece. It would be fun to make something like a trailer though which is made to excite and gather the interest of viewers and so a dramatic piece might be suitable, which will be interesting. However, a trailer often feature parts of the entire film therefore, one will have to arrange a wide variety of shoots in different locations. Music is vital in a trailer meaning it will have to be revised heavily and within a few short clips of scenes, one will have to communicate the story of the full film. All this being said they ARE expectations to the ‘rules’ made by past trailers. Below is an example of am alternative trailer, ‘WOLF’, starring musician, Tyler the Creator. Something like this, simple in design and consisting of one shoot and minimal editing, would be great to make however, whether it will seem as though we understand the conventions of trailer’s or not is questionable.

On the other hand, making a short film might is probably more appealing to me. It requires storytelling, which I enjoy, and offers character development, more time to play with the audience and more freedom in my opinion. Although a trailer will be much shorter, a short film can be told in a non-linear arrangement which is interesting to me but if a trailer tried to achieve this it would, I expect, confuse the viewer. Simple filmmaking is something I’d feel more comfortable doing anyway since I’ve had experience doing that rather than a trailer and is something I’d enjoy more thoroughly during the filmmaking process.


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