Here is a range of vocabulary we were told media students are recommended to know.

haptics – technology that makes the user feel as though they have pressed touching when they are simply using a touchscreen

bit-torrent – peer-to-peer file downloading

4K – a quality step up from HD, 4096p, used in cinemas

captcha – codes to prove the user is human rather a computer, to verify making an account being created for example

wiki – a webpage that grows without an owner, grows due to impact of users

augmented reality – overlayed data on reality

creative commons – an agreement that changes copyright for users to change

cloud computing – smaller devices used while ‘heavy computing’ performed elsewhere

convergence – ‘one thing that does everything,’ such as an iPhone that is an iPod/camera/laptop

hashtag – search term, creates an index of terms

viral marketing – low cost marketing, driven by consumer interest

podcast – ‘push system’ reversed, computer gets shows and the schedule is taken away

meme – an idea that passes through interest

DRM – Digital Rights Managment – stops you using passing files around

crowd sourcing – getting information from people who use your products like TomTom

micro payment – small payment for exmaple, 69p for an app

halo effect – one good product that has an expanding effect such as Apple iPod


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