Our pitch was a filmed presentation when we spoke to the class about our short film idea. Our aim for our pitch was to captivate our audience and simultaneously communicate our concept successfully as well as explain our motives for our choices and how we are to carry out filming. Although I didn’t think the pitch went well through my group reading from a piece of paper which was not an exciting format for viewers, it was certainly an enlighting experience in that we realised were our plot lacked in content and where we needed to work on.

  • The two main characters kidnap what seems to be a helpless young lady however, viewers are supposed to emphasize with these men. Many of our pitch’s audience made it clear to us that doing this would be very diffcult to make effective. The male leads are nasty people doing a dark, disturbing thing yet, viewers are meant to like and admire them and I’ve realised this relationship between them and the audience will not work. I can imagine it’s easier to support the girl’s side rather than the men which is not what I intended during my pitch.
  • The plan we explained in our pitch contains over four scenes including a long dialogue scene and a chase scene involving a lot of action. Our film however, is supposed to last only five minutes and we noticed through our pitch that we’re either going to need more time or, more sensibly, less content in our film.
  • An idea with more meaning is needed. My partner, Jannath, suggested we do something more cultured and tackles issues in society such as religious prejudice which I think could be interesting if done in the right way.

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