Coming up with ideas is easy. Coming up with good, inspiring ideas is where the difficulty lies. After throwing out ideas and becoming bored or uninterested in them rather quickly, I’ve noticed they’ve lacked any message, moral or meaning within them and seemed to be merely attempts of an exciting story.

As part of my research concerning my project I came upon a short film; ‘The Ventriloquist’. Viewing this was what made me realise what sort of change in direction I want to go in. With a handful of characters and locations, the writer and director of the piece, Benjamin Leavitt, had successfully created a convincing yet bizarre story where upon coming to an end, viewers will leave with seeing alternative and thought-provoking messages from the film. This can be seen from the comments section featured below.The Ventriloquist

So the question is what’s next? After speaking to a lot of different people for help I’m searching through both feature and short films for inspiration, short stories to adapt and situations in real life in include and manipulate for film. I need a story that has substance rather than simply a cliché, familiar piece junk that the next film-maker could piece together.


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