Although it was a small idea, I took the time out to shoot a handful of shots similar to ones I had in mind if I was to pursue the concept. The concept being a car driving through the night by a mysterious driver. The point of the shoot was to experiment, test settings on the camera and to see the difference between what I imagined in my head compared to what I really have in front of me. It was also a great exercise to get back behind the camera. And so, some shots worked great whereas others did not so well but the night, with thanks to my driver, was definitely a learning experience. Whether if my group continue with the idea or not it’s still good to have footage like this to study even for other projects and it’s also good to get behind the camera instead of throwing ideas on pieces of paper all the time. I hope the videos annotations help your understand what I was testing and learning and also what I was trying to achieve throughout the shots.

screen shot upload matt bellAbove is a screenshot from the post-production process of putting together my test footage video. This was me editing in Adobe’s Premiere Pro and as you can see from the video and audio tracks I put together, nothing complicated is going on here. Because of the simple video I was going for which consisted of just the clips, their audio and a letterbox effect layer there wasn’t much to play around with however, at times, such as between 4:05 and 4:10 above, I decided to use small bits of audio from clips and place them in others so the digetic sound would flow better and be nicer to hear. Another video track was added to add the letterbox effect which is in fact a PhotoShop document that I made myself with the help of a YouTube tutorial. The letterbox gives footage that widescreen, film-look which I love and want to incorporate in my film since here, to me, it looks so good.


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