6With the idea of using an old Ford Escort as a significant part of our film, I went to a spot overseeing my home town during “golden hour” which is the first and last hour of sunlight during the daywhen a specific photographic effect is achieved due to the quality of the light. The purpose of the shoot was to experiment with different angles and camera settings to test ideas I had and to try out new ones, which was help in the shooting and storyboarding process of the production.

Primarily using a 50mm lens, I managed to create the set of edited photos you see here. Colour was a big part of editing and was altered using tools such as “Vibrance”, “Colour Balance” and “Hue and Saturation” in the “Adjustments” menu of Photoshop. I also used extensive sharpening to make cleaner-looking photos.

21It’s photo’s like the one above that I was really pleased with in that they really captured what I was imagining in my head. Without being a awkward, weird angle the camera is positioned so that the viewer can see the car clearly but yet the mysterious, creepy driver I was going for remains unknown and eerie.

5Here are some interior shots I did of the cars in their garage. Above you see the lights staring at the camera with is a shot I had in mind to create an uneasy atmosphere where the audience feels perhaps intimidated. Below is what I think is a nice shot where the car’s headlights bounce of the surrounding walls to create a warm atmosphere.

23The shots have definitely helped me gather my ideas and get together new ones that I hadn’t thought of yet. Overall the shoots were very beneficial and if the car was incorporated into our short film they’d have their effect in a positive way.


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