And so, with what has becomes a few weeks of coming up with various ideas it seems Jannath and I have finally concluded this vital part of pre-production and come up with our short film’s plot.

Why did we not continue with our other ideas?

That’s a good question, but there are definitely some good and reasonable answers.

  • Our first idea involved a car and its mysterious, creepy driver which I studied thoroughly in previous blogs. Although the idea had great potential and could be a success with visual appeal, the story was simply not there. Since the car belonged to my father he’d have to be the actor behind the wheel and unless clever editing and camera work was pulled off to hide him as a stunt driver the idea would be difficult to pursue. Jannath and I concluded the mysteriousness of his character provided little interest and potential for the rest of the film and a great lead role is something we both wanted. In short films we watched together as part of our research and planning such as ‘The Ventriloquist’ or ‘Awake’, they both feature a strong, significant male lead actor as the focus and weight of the productions.
  • Another idea we had is the one Jannath and I discussed in our pitch to our class and teaches. Part of me admired that idea which was about a duo of gangsters kidnapping a girl who’d done wrong to their boss. Their job goes according to plan until upon pulling up to a garage station the girl finds her escape. The shoot required limited actors and locations, like a short filmlike ours ideally should have, however, to make a good piece it’ll be hard to communicate the extensive plot within the some-what tiny five minutes we’re given to play with.
This is garage we intended to use in this film idea. Having  access to would be easy due to my connections with the owners.

This is garage we intended to use in this film idea. Having access to would be easy due to my connections with the owners.

  • Many ideas we had involved some occurring in the past that has its effect on the matters at hand in the film. For example, a lonely, abandoned and wheel-chair bound daydreams of his past in his sports car that he crashed when he was a lot younger. Also Jannath brought up the idea of a lonely old man missing his deceased wife and the story of his day. These are arguably both sweet and touching ideas that’ll work as a story but put into the language and presentation of film it’ll be hard to communicate the plot of the past without spelling it out for the audience. There’s no ambition what so ever to dumb ideas down, so to speak, and make things too obvious to the audience. It’s matters like this that need to be handled delicately.


And so, Jannath and I agreed we wanted to have a plot with more depth, much like ‘The Ventriloquist’ or ‘Awake’. We both didn’t want a story about kidnapping, killing, stalking or anything violent but rather a strong, gripping story. After a while we began liking the idea of shooting in a cinema and  we concluded with this:

storyI think a story that plays along these lines would be interesting in that it’s truly about the imbalance of justice in the world we live it. The innocent old man accidentally does this horrific thing but due to the malicious boys abusing him who walk away with no problem. I really like the idea of using a cinema also with the abundance of appealing cinematic shots we could capture. This can be seen from photos on the Kinema’s website.


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