Due to our interests to film there, I emailed the Kinema In The Woods through their website as quickly as I could to ensure shooting there was a possibility.email

This is the email in its entirety below. I think a good point I made to encourage the location to let us film there was showing my other work, ‘PRAY’, to show my work with other establishments.

email 2After a few days Philip Jones got back to use to reveal working inside the Kinema to film would be too much to ask. He also noted, as you can see from below, that the story did not portray the establishment in an appealing light to him which is perfectly understandable. email 3

And so what’s next? We seem to have lost our location BUT I know from my organisational skills to not put all my eggs in the same basket, as it were. As a filmmaker you should never 100% rely on anything and always have a back-up plan if things don’t work out in your favour as so we intend to work on the story or more likely change the location to where a similar ordeal can happen such as a bar, which I luckily have connections with.


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