After a series of very casual emails, I arranged with the man in charge of The Ritz, Mr Pete Genders, to visit the location for a number of reasons. Lighting is a big concern in filmmaking and needs to have a lot of attention to make it right and so shooting in a place where you have no idea about the lighting is a big mistake. Also I was concerned about spacing and size and so a small photo-shoot of the place would serve as a practise for framing shots and a reference for later on.

After arriving at The Ritz it turned out Pete wasn’t around however, myself and Amy Westwood, who I asked to help photograph with me (being a photographer herself), were kindly toured around the entire establishment. This was great in that I got a real feel for the potential the place had.

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The first thing that surprised me was the lack of light in the cinema. Light was only supplied by the two big lights you see above. This means light sources have to be supplied by us, the filmmaking, which won’t really be a problem seeing as we have a few lights at our disposal. Here you can see a range of photos we took from our visit of the location.


In the past I’ve found it very helpful to take pictures similar to shots I have in mind for my film. It helps me understand the composition at the time and after the shoot and you can see this done here with me blog detailing the preparations I made for my short film, “PRAY”:


As you can see a lot of work needs to be done concerning light. I set my camera at ISO 800, shutter speed 1/50 of a second with an F-value at 1.8 to let as much light in a possible without really sacrificing quality yet, the shots appear very dark and this needs correctly with the right light. There’s still a lot of work to be done but it’s jobs like this visit that will help us very much when it coming to principal photography.



  1. […] From my visit to The Ritz I learnt that it was a surprisingly dark there and definitely in the need of the a lot of light for a shoot. […]

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