It’s a rare thing to see a professional team of film-makers recording sound in-camera and not using an external microphone. It just doesn’t get the quality you need and in my own work you can see this lack of quality in “PRAY”.


The microphone. This is what records the sound than surrounds it and can be plugged into the camera itself.


The cable. Its purpose is to get the sound recorded from the mic’ to the high-quality sound-recorder.


The recorder. Sound can be recorded just from using but with either technique audio is saved onto an mini SD card.


IMG_8516As you can see from above, to use this equipment in unison to get a great quality of sound, one must plug in the RODE microphone with the cable and connect it to the recorder. Wherever the mic’ points is what will be recorded. And so it should be aimed towards an individual’s mouth if they are talking in a scene. However, it’s not easy to get it close to the actor/actress without being in the camera shot and this is where the boom pole comes in. The microphone is attached the the end of the boom pole and the wire flows to the recorder which is held by pole’s operator. It is their job to direct the pole, follow actors but simultaneously remain as quiet as possible. It’s a difficult job especially since I have no experience doing it before and also I’ll be focused on actors and what’s going on behind the camera rather than what quality of sound’s being recorded.

A single person cannot put together a film. It has to be a group of understanding, experienced individuals who all know what’s going on. As a director I have to hand over the responsibility of recording sound to someone else, prepare them well enough and hope for the best!



  1. […] to hold up my lighting equipment. The department were helpful enough to let us borrow two tripods, sound recording equipment that you can read about here and a dolly and track. School also helped me significantly by letting me have a projector over night […]

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