head2I wanted to make a change with this short film to improve it and to make it more professional through including only experienced actors to play the main roles. Although I did not know of these actors I was looking for, I took the time out to contact members of the Red Lion Theatre Company that’s located in my hometown of Horncastle to get hold of some people who might be interested. Luckily I knew a member and asked for her help concerning communication.

convo shannon

I spoke to Shannon Woodley who’s a member of the group and has been for many years and after explaining my request she posted in the group’s private page on Facebook and I managed to get a positive reaction. Three actors and an actress expressed their interest and it was great to have this so we could pursue our film quickly and efficiently in an attempt to get a good result. One of the actors was far too young for the role in mind however, the other two were ideal. They both were of the age I imagined the “YOUTHS” to be around which is around twenty years old. One was short and slim whilst his companion was tall and broad and this arrangement was something I had in my mind beforehand to add a variety to the goons in the plot. I didn’t want them all the same but rather each having their own unique personality, manner and look.

facebook logo

The social network Facebook acted as a huge help in contacting my actors. Through the website I could not only speak to them but get a good idea of what they look like and how well they suit the role I had in mind for them. As so I got to speak to everyone! They were all super excited about working on the film and it’s great to see such passionate actors. I communicated their role such as saying to Sam Colley, who I had in mind to play Youth One, to act as the biggest and meanest bully he can imagine. I think this will important in his role and encourage him to be proactive.

convo guys

Our main character played by Peter Glanfield owns a local music shop and so I thought it would be suitable to visit him personally and hand him a copy of the script in person. We discussed the film is great detail and he gave me plenty of things to think about concerning line delivery since he has directed actors in productions in the past. With the other actors, I sent them the script as a PDF through the messaging system on Facebook and they were delighted to finally see the script they had been waiting for.


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