Along with documenting a film production, making a poster and creating a magazine’s film review, there’s the exam that amounts to our final Media A2 grade. Although there are many to choose from, our teacher has directed our attention to two aspects due to time restrictions.OCR_2767+1311

Media in the Online Age covers:

  • The historical development of online media.
  • Examples of how media production has transformed by the internet and broadbroad.
  • Impact of broadment internet access on audience behaviour.
  • Importance of media convergence and role of internet in accelarating this.
  • Debates around the future of the media.

Contemporary Media Regulation covers:

  • How media regulation now is different to the past.
  • The different kinds of media regulation and how they seek to protect people.
  • The efficency and impact of various forms of media regulation, how well do they work, and what difference do they make to people’s minds.
  • Debates around the role of the regualtor in a democracy – arguements for and against various media regulations.

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