• Fades in to a close-up of Peter sat amongst the cinema’s seats as the film blares in front of him. The camera is still through the use of a tripod and faces him directly and on his level.IMG_8616
  • IMG_8617Wide-shot of the cinema, facing Peter again who lies on the left third of the frame. The youths enter from the right and the camera, which is positioned on a dolly, tracks them along. The camera stops its motion as the youths sit down. They are positioned on the left third and Peter is on the right.
  • A closer wide-shot of the characters as the youths become closer to Peter. Peter remains on the right, the youths remain on the left.
  • IMG_8625 (remember 2x)A close-up in front of Peter that reveals the youths over his shoulder. They lean over to speak to Peter and the hand-held camera follows them as they move. The kicking begins and the camera switches between Peter’s despair and the youths’ enjoyment.
  • IMG_8626Mid-shot from the side achieved from hand-held camera of youths and Peter and they torment him. The camera turns to reveal them throwing popcorn at him and Peter’s reaction.
  • Close-up of Peter from the side to show more of his reaction as he gets up and leaves.

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