Within the first few days of editing, Jannath noticed the blank screen accompanied with “The Night of the Living Dead” soundtrack could be put to better use. She thought we could have our film’s title there to introduce the production and I think this will add a great touch to the production. It would add to the effect we planned out to achieve with the seemingly non-digetic music becoming digetic, which means it purports to be from the world of the film.


With the help of “” Jannath and I were able to find a font that suited and said something about our film. This had to be a very concious decision and we both took time in deciding what to look for. I began with looking at more messy-looking fonts to be reminiscent of the chaos that is to come later in the film however, soon it came apparent that I was looking in the wrong place. We began looking at fonts similar to those used in cinemas since we thought using one of these will more thoroughly set the scene of the movie theatre and add to the atmosphere, which is created by the sound of the film being played. There were dozens to choose from and we came across “Bellerose”.

dafont pageAfter installing the font, for free as dafont supplies, I took to PhotoShop to experiment. Part of the editing process I did can be seen at the top of this blog as I messed around to try and get the title I envision. Bellerose had the balance between the old-school-cinematic-look and a certain quirkiness I think our font needed. You can judge for yourself by looking at the lists of its characters below.



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