What have you learned from your audience feedback?

The video above delves into the following things:

  • the processes I employed to distribute my film in order to reach an audience
  • how I obtained audience feedback
  • what I did with their reaction: what I learned and how I applied what they said into practical ideas.

Video transcript: Audience Feedback Script

The audience feedback I received before the film was considered finished is also worth noting. In order to improve the piece, Screen Three was shown to a group of media students who responded with written feedback. Examples can be seen below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The feedback was very helpful and led to changes being made to the film in many ways. Despite all the feedback being relatively positive, the volume of the telephone sound effect was frequently highlighted as an issue. Many thought it was too loud and rather than proving effective in the scene to highlight the rudeness on the antagonists, the sound was annoying and not pleasant to hear at the volume it was set. After learning this, I returned to Final Cut Pro and lowered the volume to get rid of this distraction. Similarly, the majority of the audience wanted a different sound effect for the crash during the film’s climax. This was addressed and altered immediately and I think learning of this problem led to a better result.



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