What is ‘A Field In England’?

‘A Field In England’ is a low budget, black and white, art-house film by director Ben Wheatley, also known for Kill List(2011), Sightseers (2012), which was released on Friday July 5th 2013. But what’s so special about this film that makes it worth talking about in regards to the Institutions and Audiences AS exam? Well, it tried to break the Hollywood model of distribution by becoming the first film in the UK to launch simultaneously across all platforms.

  • VOD, meaning Video On Demand, (4OD and iTunes)
  • free broadcast TV (Film4)
  • DVD
  • BluRay
  • cinema (17 Picturehouse venues)

How much did the film cost to make?

The film’s budget was £316, 879, with a £112,00 P&a spend supported by £56,701 from the BFI Distribution Fund. The film was fully financed by Film4.

Target Audience?

The primary audience was ABC1 (anyone within the economic group) 18-25 years old and frequent cinema goers in the 25-35+ bracket who may have previously already been aware of Wheatley’s work and other films (Kill List, Sightseers). audiences

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How was the film advertised?

Wheatley and the whole cast supported the release plan and mobilised their active social media fan base including the likes of twitter.  A number of interviews with executives suggested the film would not have bettered its performance through a conventional release. Along with the marketing innovations was an in-depth masterclass website featuring Wheatley, this attracted a large, engaged audience.

Above is the video that’s placed on the film’s website (http://www.afieldinengland.com/) that successfully raised attention for the piece.

Was the film a success in terms of reaction and revenue?

  • 29% of the theatrical audience, according to the cinema exit poll, rated it “excellent”, 41% – “very good” = giving a “highly favourable” score of 70%
  • On TV is drew an audience of 288,000 viewers and when those who recorded the film on Saturday and Sunday were also added to the total, it was at 357,00 – up on Film4’s slot average of 346,000.
  • AFiE was also the number one trending topic on Twitter in the UK on Friday evening, and sales of DVDs from Amazon and HMV across Friday and Saturday amounted to 1,462.
  • On Film40D and iTunes platforms there were a total of more than 1,000 purchases.