In order to communicate the cinema-environment we had created for our first scene, in addition to the lighting effects, I felt it was important to have the appropriate props. With the script featuring popcorn being thrown it was important to have popcorn boxes for this to happen and so, through Amazon, I got my hands on some. Although they were scheduled to arrive on time for the shoot, during my visit to the West End Cinema in Boston I managed to get my hands on some boxes that were perfect for the shoot.


Through Facebook I could efficiently and easily to each actor or all the actors together and it was using this tool where I discussed costumes. With the “YOUTHS”, Sam, Gareth and Connor, I wanted them to wear darker clothes which could help the audience identify them as menacing and the protagonists. Also, visually this would contrast them and form a barrier between them and Peter who would be wearing clothes such as a white shirt. I wanted him to wear clothes that would communicate his age so the audience empathises with him more and I think this worked on the day of the shoot.