trailer is an form of advertisement or a commercial for a film production that will be exhibited in the near future. In preparation for our coursework we were asked to take the time to watch a number of examples, study this form of media and understand the conventions within the product.

Insidious Chapter Two

  • The trailer starts off slow and gradually becomes climatic.
  • Its told in a linear way, and becomes darker as the trailer goes along. This way the audience gets a better understanding of the film adertised.
  • It shows enough to reveal the basic plot.
  • Passing of time is communicated by clips fading in and fading out.
  • Many people go to watch horror films to get scared and so the trailer offers a taste of what’s to come to raise expectations.
  • The famous cast or reoccuring cast from the previous film is introduced to attract their fans.
  • Music runs throughout.
  • The genre of the film is easily communicated.
  • The last film you see is the title and the release date since this is something you need to remember.
  • Audio clips from the film act as a narration to help understand the film’s story.
  • Titles communicate the story and add to the mood the trailer sets.

RoboCop (2014)

  • The trailer begins with  an establishing shot to display the world of the film. Here, the viewer can see futuristic-appearing flying vehicles and an unfamiliar city which suggests the film is of a science-fiction nature and attracts fans of the genre.
  • Throughout the trailer the stars such as Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman are succesfully highlighted despite that the suggestion that they may not big roles in the film. This attracts fans of the cast to the film.
  • The shots are short and punchy and the text is edited together with fast cuts to make a lively, exciting-looking film.
  • The film’s tagline is communicated.
  • The genre is ‘sign-posted’.
  • The trailer offers a balance of emotions derived from heart-racing action to heart-wrenching tragedy. This helps gather the attention to a wider audience since it may seem to appeal to their emotional needs/wants.
  • The trailer contains well-known companies’ idents.

Ass Backwards

  • Offers the option to rent it on iTunes before a cinema release. This is evidence of increasing social ‘cocooning’ where new digital distribution in media (such as music and film) leads consumption to be a solitary experience rather than one enjoyed in a group.
  • It’s communicated as not being a serious production. It’s clearly made to appear as a comedy to attract fans of the genre.
  • The pace of the trailer is different since there is more dialogue to express the film’s comedic element.
  • The colours in the film (the pinks and purples), the content suggested and the lead characters make it seem the target audience is women. It seems to be an attempt to thrive of the hype Paul Feig’s Bridesmaids (2011) with comedic style shown in the trailer. This is there to attract fans of the film that was very successful and admired.

The Frozen Ground

  • The fact that the film is ‘based on a true story’ will attract interest and excitement.
  • Unlike Insidious Two’s choice of transitional editing, there is a lack of fading in and out and leads the viewer to keep focused on the content.
  • The trailer is very plot driven and gives viewers a close insight to what it’s about.
  • The film’s stars Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, Vanessa Hudgens and Dean Norris, all very well-known actors and actresses, are highlighted much like RoboCop’s trailer.
  • The setting is heavily shown to attract viewers.
  • Unlike the other trailers here, The Frozen Ground’s trailer began with Vanessa Hudgens introducing the film which suggests the film is something she proud to be behind and is happy with.